Body contouring procedures explained

Body contouring surgery options

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr John Newton from Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Board Secretary explains the range of options available to someone who is considering body contouring.


An abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck can help to remove any extra skin or fat that may appear as you age. It also re-positions your abdominal muscles so you’ll end up with a tighter and smoother look and feel. If your tummy has been stretched by pregnancy or you have lost weight and have an overhang of skin, you will experience both the physical and emotional benefits an abdominoplasty will bring.


No matter how dedicated you are to your diet or how much you work out, there may still be stubborn areas of fat that just refuse to disappear. Liposuction works to remove small fat deposits and can sculpt your body to reach that trim, firm and healthy physique that you aspire to have. Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures as well.

Reduced abdominoplasty

If you don’t want or need a full tummy tuck, but you still want that tight and smooth look in your abdominal area, a reduced abdominoplasty may be sufficient. You’ll get the results you want, but your recovery time may be faster. This surgery can result in you having a smaller scar, and your navel may not need to be relocated.

Arm reduction

As you age or if you’ve recently lost weight, you may have loose hanging skin on your upper arms or stubborn fat deposits that refuse to budge no matter how much you diet and work out. This procedure can reshape and contour this area so you end up with slimmer and tighter upper arms that can give you an instant confidence boost.

Thigh reduction

Do you have excess skin from recent weight loss on your upper legs that’s stopping you from showing them off? If you do, a thigh lift can help. A thigh reduction involves going in and removing excess fat cells, loose skin, and excess tissue, like cellulite, from your upper legs leaving you with refined upper legs.

Fat grafting

Fat grafting is simply the excision of excess skin and fat to improve your contours. It can apply to virtually any region of your body. It can refine your figure to allow you to be more comfortable and happy with your body.

Fat Injections

If you have an area of your body that you’d like to give a boost to, a fat injection may help. It involves taking fat from one area of your body and depositing it in the area you’d like to look and feel fuller. It can be used to refine breast shape in breast enlargement, chest deformity and breast reconstruction.  It can also be used to enhance your face and lips.


Whether you’re considering one body contouring procedure or you’re considering a few, visit our ASAPS Member’s Directory to find a Specialist Plastic Surgeon near you.  ASAPS Members are dedicated to excellence in cosmetic surgery.




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