Cosmetic surgery
is a big decision.
Do your research.
Know the facts.

ASAPS represents a culture of excellence in cosmetic surgery.

Today’s cosmetic surgery market is complex and confusing. Consumers are overwhelmed by choice. They may be misinformed about a cosmetic surgeon’s skills and training, unware of potential risks or lured by cheap deals. The industry has changed but standards of excellence must not.

Do You Know the Difference?

There is an existing patient safety issue in Australia and New Zealand in the Cosmetic Surgery industry. Practitioners who are not formally registered as specialist surgeons in plastic surgery are carrying out procedures under fake titles, such as ‘cosmetic surgeon’, and as a result are exposing unsuspecting consumers to  invasive surgical procedures, with a  risk of a negative outcome.

To help raise awareness of this problem and improve patient safety, ASAPS has launched Know The Difference

We're experts in every cosmetic procedure, always with a focus on achieving natural beauty.


Quality and safety should always come first

World class standards require world class FRACS qualified surgeons