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Your first consultation with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will take place face-to-face in a supportive environment.

Your specialist plastic surgeon will provide a thorough assessment of your needs, including whether the procedure is appropriate for you, your recovery capacity, risks involved, and a clear explanation of what you must do to make a full recovery. Your surgeon will always strive to provide advice that is right for you and won’t try to persuade you into having a procedure or rush you into making a decision.

All ASAPS member surgeons are bound by the RACS code of ethics, so you can be reassured you will never be ‘sold’ an operation. Your surgeon will give you professional guidance and encourage you to ask questions, so you know all the facts to make an informed decision. They will also readily explain all their qualifications and experience to you.

New AHPRA Regulations for Cosmetic Surgery Effective July 1st 2023. Key changes include;

  • A General Practitioner referral will be mandatory for ALL patients having a consultation for cosmetic surgery
  • A mandatory two (2) consultations are required for cosmetic surgery
  • There will be a patient pre-screening assessment test (PAT) for Body Dysmorphic Disorder and other underlying psychological issues
  • A cooling-off period of at least seven (7) days after signing a consent form before booking surgery and paying a deposit. The cooling-off period for those under 18 years of age is three (3) months
  • There will be a more detailed Informed consent document and process
  • Accredited facilities will be required for cosmetic surgery
  • New rules around the use of the title ‘surgeon’
  • There will be more stringent guidelines around advertising by medical practitioners who perform cosmetic surgery

It is important for all medical practitioners and patients to keep themselves up-to-date with the new regulations.

For more details, please refer to the Medical Board website FAQs – Reforms at a Glance or contact us for further details.


Choosing an ASAPS surgeon means your plastic/cosmetic surgery will take place in a reputable hospital or clinic that conforms to high standards of safety, cleanliness, infection control, staffing and equipment.

You can also expect your surgeon to engage specialist anaesthetists who they know and trust as well as consult with well-qualified practitioners from other disciplines. As a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, your surgeon’s training is recognised by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) or the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ). This recognition provides peace of mind around your surgeon’s individual experience and ability to effectively manage any possible complications.

Your specialist plastic surgeon has been trained in world-class reconstructive techniques. Specialist plastic surgeons also have high levels of training and engage in yearly Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This means that your specialist plastic surgeon will have a thorough understanding of proportions and refinements required to achieve an outcome, which suits your personal needs.


By choosing an ASAPS member as your Specialist Plastic Surgeon, you get the peace of mind of knowing you will receive the best of care after your plastic/cosmetic surgery.

Your specialist plastic surgeon will supervise your care throughout your entire aftercare process through regular post-surgery consultations as you recover.

World-class standards require world-class FRACS qualified surgeons


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