How do you decide where to place the breast implant?


By Dr Craig Layt
(FRACS, Specialist Plastic Surgeon)

We have multiple different options open to us. We’re blessed by the fact that we have all these different types of implants we can use. We can use shaped ones or round ones. We also have different thicknesses of gel that we can use. What it’s all about is: do we need to change the shape of the breast or do we just need to fill the current shape of the breast?

So, in that situation, once we’ve worked out what the basement of the breast needs to be, do we need a shaped implant or a round one? Let’s say we could use a round or a shaped one, then it’s a matter also about how much work do we want this implant to do to change the shape of the breast. The more work we want the implant to do, the more we need to expose that implant to the breast. So, the higher we’ll have what we call the dual plane and the thicker the gel that we’ll have on the breast in order to push that lower pole and change the shape.”


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