5 Signs of a Natural Looking vs Unnatural Looking Facelift Result

By Dr Mark Doyle, FRACS (Plas) – Specialist Plastic Surgeon


If you’re thinking about getting a meloplasty or rhytidectomy (facelift), you might be curious about what makes for a natural or unnatural looking result. In this blog, we’ll look at the differences between successful natural-looking facelift results and how poor results can happen.

Dr Mark Doyle, a highly experienced FRACS (Plas) Specialist Plastic Surgeon on the Gold Coast, has helped countless people achieve a natural-looking appearance through a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Dr Doyle understands the nuances of what makes a successful facelift and what can lead to a less-than-ideal outcome.

What Does a ‘Good Facelift’ Mean?

Dr Doyle believes a good facelift should make someone appear natural, rejuvenated, and younger without looking overdone. On the other hand, ‘bad’ facelifts are noticeable and unnatural looking.

Telltale Signs of a Natural vs Unnatural Looking Facelift

In this informative blog post, Dr Doyle discusses the key differences between a natural and unnatural looking facelift. He’ll discuss the top 5 points that make a facelift more obvious.

5 – The Neck

Unnatural Looking Facelift – When a person’s face looks younger than their neck, it can appear unnatural.
Natural Looking Facelift – Dr Doyle suggests getting a face and neck lift procedure together instead of having only one procedure done. This approach allows for a more proportional and harmonious outcome.

4 – Earlobes

Unnatural Looking Facelift – When the earlobes are attached to the head it can look unnatural.

Natural Looking Facelift – It’s essential to ensure that the earlobes are correctly positioned and not under any tension.

3 – Skin Tightness

Unnatural Looking Facelift – Our faces naturally crease when we make facial expressions. If the skin is excessively tightened it may lack any fine lines whatsoever – a sign that the individual underwent an overly tight facelift.

Natural Looking Facelift – Dr Doyle says it’s crucial to pull the skin back in the correct direction and with the correct degree of tightness. You’ll want your skin to feel tight, plump and smooth after your surgery. “A good facelift returns facial tissues to their original position. It doesn’t pull them to places they’ve never been,” says Dr Doyle.

2 – Limited Facial Movement

Unnatural Looking Facelift – Any significant restrictions in facial movement can be a sign that the procedure was done too tightly. If you can’t make facial expressions it will be very obvious that you have had a facelift.

Natural Looking Facelift – After a good facelift, you should be able to smile, squint, frown and create normal facial expressions.

1 – Scarring

Unnatural Looking Facelift – Visible scarring is the number one identifier for any cosmetic surgery procedure.

Natural Looking Facelift – Facelift scars should be hidden in the hairline wherever possible. If there are scars in front of the ears it’s important that they follow the natural curves of the ear. For any scars behind the ears, they can be hidden in the hollow where the ears meet the skull.

Next Steps

To ensure that you are fully informed and confident before your surgery, it’s crucial to discuss all of your questions and concerns with Dr Doyle during one or both of your two consultations prior to surgery. If you have any questions about facelift procedures or the information discussed in this blog post, please reach out to Dr Mark Doyle’s clinic.

All invasive surgery carries risk and requires a recovery period and care regime. Be sure you do your research and seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon before proceeding. Any details are general in nature and are not intended to be medical advice or constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

Dr Mark Doyle (MED0001375519) Registered medical practitioner, specialist plastic surgeon (specialist registration in surgery – plastic surgery) can be contacted at www.goldcoastplasticsurgery.com.au


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