Male Breast Reduction Surgery

What is male breast reduction?

Gynaecomastia is an excessive enlargement of the male breast. It is a common condition that may affect one or both sides. If gynaecomastia develops during puberty it may be as a result of hormone imbalance. When it occurs in later life it can be associated with other issues including prescription medication such as steroids. Gynaecomastia can be addressed by breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will discuss what is most suitable for you.

Is it right for me?

Always talk to your surgeon before deciding whether male breast reconstruction surgery is right for you. During the consultation your surgeon will perform a complete examination and listen to your concerns before discussing which options are appropriate.

Potential complications

All surgery comes with some degree of risk. For example, bleeding and infection are possible. Don’t worry, your surgeon will fully explain potential complications during the consultation process and commit to support you during recovery.


During surgery

Your time in surgery may vary according to your needs and the specifics of the procedures being performed. Your surgeon will explain everything to you during consultation.


One of the most important reasons for choosing a reputable plastic surgeon is that they will be by your side throughout the recovery process, ready to reassure and support you at every stage. Ask your surgeon what recovery will involve for you.