Dr Amira Sanki in The Australian

The Australian

16th February 2021

ASAPS Vice President and Chair of Education, Dr Amira Sanki, has been featured in an article in The Australian newspapers titled ‘Surgical Training was Cosmetic, Plaintiffs Allege in Class Action’ in which she speaks out against the botched jobs performed by “cosmetic surgeons” with no little or no surgical training and the havoc it wrecked on patient Brittany Johnson’s breast surgery.

An excerpt:

“When Brittany Johnson arrived at the hospital with a sharp pain in her right breast, she felt as though her chest was about to burst.

 Ms Johnson is just one of thousands of women who underwent cosmetic surgery at one of TCI’s “factories” across NSW and Queensland, in what she describes as a “production line” of young“naive” women such as herself, fooled by glitzy marketing on the company’s social media, and ostensibly low cost.

It was only after a consultation with plastic surgeon Amira Sanki that the executive assistant realised the extent of the issue: her right breast had filled up with 550ml of fluid, part of a ‘waterfalls deformity’. “

Read the full article online or in print at The Australian. Don’t forget to spread the word about our #knowthedifference campaign with your patients as well as on your social media channels.



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