How long does a brow lift last?

By Dr Warwick Nettle
(FRACS, Specialist Plastic Surgeon)

“Brow lifting surgery essentially is permanent. The techniques that we’re talking about – the in-office brow lift – you’ll never need to do another one again. There have been problems with brow lifts over the years done in the hospital under a general anaesthetic, because they’ve been done at a very, very deep plane, and there’s a lot of discussion amongst plastic surgeons whether that is the correct plane to use. What I’m talking about is an in-office brow lift or transcutaneous brow shaping, and that is in a superficial plane, quite close to the brow, so it’s a very powerful elevation of the brow. The closer you are to the thing you’re trying to move, the more successful you are in moving it. So instead of incisions being here and going right down against the bone, the incision is right at the margin of the skin. And we’re doing this in people with hardly any eyebrows at all now and getting fantastic results.”



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