How important is it for patients to have realistic expectations?

 By Dr Eddie Cheng
(FRACS, Specialist Plastic Surgeon)

“I certainly think it’s very important (for clients) to have realistic expectations. It does take a bit of time to understand what my patient wants and whether I can deliver that result. And, sometimes, what I think is a good result might not be what the patient thinks is a good result. So it’s important for us to be able to understand that and align us in a way to achieve a common goal.

If we need to readjust their expectations, I would certainly spend a lot more time talking to them about that. From the initial consultations, we really spend time understanding what they want. But at the same time, if what they want is a little bit unrealistic, then we do have to have a good chat to them about that. Unfortunately, in some situations, I do also have to involve a psychologist or psychiatrist to see whether we can help them along the process.” 


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