Breast Lift After Pregnancy or Weight Loss

Breast lift surgery
By Dr Johnny Kwei 

After breast feeding or losing significant weight, a woman can lose the volume to her breasts which would result in the breast ‘sagging’ and causing them to lose their shape and position on the chest. One of the most rewarding surgery for both the surgeon and the patient is breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, where the breast position is restored back on to the chest wall with reshaping of the breast shape to a more youthful appearance.

It involves removing the ptotic skin and re-positioning the nipple back to a more central position. This excision of the inferior ptotic skin results in some minor scarring on the inferior part of the breast, under the nipples. This results in an anchor shaped scarring pattern, so this is sometimes referred to as the ‘anchor lift’.

Breast lift surgery restores position and shape of the breasts, and this surgery can be combined with adjuvant surgery to augment the volume of the breast. This can be achieved with an addition of breast implants, also known as Augmentation Mastopexy, or with fat grafting to the lifted breasts.

The surgery would involve an anaesthetic specialist and is done in an accredited hospital facility under general anaesthetic. The surgical time can vary due to the size of the lift and the adjuvant surgery performed in conjunction, but is often approximately 3 to 5 hours, with an overnight stay at the hospital.

The patient will be closely monitored for any post surgery pain, bleeding or infection. The dressing on the patient will be changed by the surgeon the following morning and replaced with a post surgical support bra.

The follow up will be at the surgeon’s practice every few weeks initially and every few months up to 12 months, with as many additional reviews required to address any concerns or changes.

Dr Johnny Kwei is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and a member of ASAPS, representing the highest standards of cosmetic excellence by registered specialist plastic surgeons. You can view his profile here.



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