Specialist Plastic Surgeons from across the globe gather in the name of patient safety

Posted on Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) and the New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons (NZAPS) will, for the first time, be jointly hosting their Annual Conferences in Auckland from 2-5 August with patient safety to be thrown into the spotlight.

Dr Naveen Somia, Chair of Education and Vice President of ASAPS, said by joining forces with our New Zealand counterparts we can strengthen our advocacy efforts in holding the industry up to a higher regard.

“There has been a deliberate, and concerning, lowering of the medical standards surrounding cosmetic procedures by unscrupulous practitioners, preying on the vulnerabilities of patients who are looking for quick-fix solutions.

“What we would envisage seeing in today’s world a very high standard in training, facilities and infection control but sadly some of the cheap providers feel it is acceptable to compromise on safety to maximise profits,” Dr Somia said.

Dr Michelle Locke, Specialist Plastic Surgeon and Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the University of Auckland said the Annual Conference was a timely reminder about patient safety.

“As a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, ensuring patient safety is the driver of every decision I make when it comes to my patients.

“Meetings such as our Annual Conference provide an opportune time to bring together the leading minds from across the globe to ensure that our practices are the very best.

“By partnering with ASAPS for the first time, the programme will cover the full breadth of the plastic and reconstructive arena with the areas of discussion to include aesthetic and cosmetic issues as well as reconstructive procedures and research topics,” Dr Locke said.


Event details

What: ASAPS and NZAPS Combined Conference

When: 2-5 August 2018

Where: Cordis Hotel, Auckland

International Keynote Speakers: Dr Jay Calvert (USA), Dr Foad Nahai (USA), Dr Nimrod Friedman (Israel), Dr Kotaro Yoshimura (Japan) and Dr Emmanuel Delay (France).

View the full programme here.




Media contacts:

ASAPS – Julia Power, email: jpower@asaps.org.au or mobile: + 61 414 276 990

NZAPS: Lizzie Price, email: liz@cmq.co.nz or mobile: +64 276 957 744

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