Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery Starts with a Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Posted on Tuesday, 13 November 2018

On behalf of the Board of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), President, Dr Naveen Somia applauded and thanked the Specialist Plastic Surgeons who attended the inaugural Breast Masters Symposium held in Sydney from 18-20 October 2018.

The Breast Masters Symposium covered a host of different topics relating to Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast, including Breast Augmentations using Breast Implants and Fat Transfer, Breast Reductions and Breast Lifts.  There were also discussions on body image, Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) and the importance for Specialist Plastic Surgeons to input data into the Australian Breast Device Registry.

“As Specialist Plastic Surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery, we must commit to lifelong learning to acquire new knowledge and skills that improve patient care and patient safety.  By attending the Breast Masters Symposium, the following Specialist Plastic Surgeons have demonstrated their commitment to Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery, and ASAPS would like to acknowledge this,” Dr Somia said.

Namrata Anavekar FRACS Janek Januszkiewicz FRACS Richard Rahdon FRACS
Mark Ashton FRACS Amy Jeeves FRACS Yosanta Rajapakse FRACS
Gary Avery FRACS Cameron Keating FRACS Chaithan Reddy FRACS
Laith Barnouti FRACS Leo Kim FRACS Philip Richardson FRACS
Adam Bialostocki FRACS John Kippen FRACS Jeremy Richardson FRACS
Richard Bloom FRACS Robert Knight FRACS Sandrine Roman FRACS
Catherine Boorer FRACS Adrian Knox FRACS Craig Rubinstein FRACS
Patrick Briggs FRACS Mark Kohout FRACS André Safvat FRACS
David Caminer FRACS Rohit Kumar FRACS Gavin Sandercoe FRACS
Alessandra Canal FRACS Johnny Kwei FRACS Amira Sanki FRACS
Eddie Cheng FRACS Peter Laniewski FRACS Alys Saylor FRACS
Ellis Choy FRACS Craig Layt FRACS Terrence Scamp FRACS
Ashwin Chunilal FRACS Mathew Lee FRACS David Sharp FRACS
Fred Clarke FRACS Mihaela Lefter FRACS Andrew Simm FRACS
David Colbert FRACS Jake Lim FRACS Adrian Sjarif FRACS
Tony Connell FRACS Malcolm Linsell FRACS Broughton Snell FRACS
Rod Cooter FRACS Julian Lofts FRACS Naveen Somia FRACS
Brigid Corrigan FRACS Daniel Luo FRACS Nathan Stewart FRACS
Samuel Cunneen FRACS Kirstie MacGill FRACS Luke Stradwick FRACS
Catharine Darcy FRACS Mark Magnusson FRACS Ian Tassan FRACS
Sandhya Deo FRACS Ian McDougall FRACS Kourosh Tavakoli FRACS
Anand Deva FRACS Michael Miroshnik FRACS Greg Taylor FRACS
Mark Doyle FRACS Yezdi Mistry FRACS Sue Thistlethwaite FRACS
Robert Drielsma FRACS Darren Molony FRACS Damon Thomas FRACS
Gillian Farrell FRACS Nicholas Moncrieff FRACS Tony Tonks FRACS
Hamish Farrow FRACS Carmen Munteanu FRACS Scott Turner FRACS
Mark Gianoutsos FRACS John Newton FRACS Guy Watts FRACS
Raymond Goh FRACS Natalie Ngan FRACS Louis Wessels FRACS
Reema Hadi FRACS Anh Nguyen FRACS Dean White FRACS
Richard Hamilton FRACS Benjamin Norris FRACS Michael Woodfield FRACS
Mark Hanikeri FRACS Justine O’Hara FRACS Rebecca Wyten FRACS
Isolde Hertess FRACS Jane Paterson FRACS Rita Yang FRACS
Janet Huang FRACS Matthew Peters FRACS Samuel Yang FRACS
Jeremy Hunt FRACS Angelo Preketes FRACS Richard Zinn FRACS

ASAPS is a leader in Cosmetic Surgery Education and supports Specialist Plastic Surgeons by providing learning opportunities to stay on top of the advances in cosmetic surgery.  As such, attendees of the Breast Masters Symposium were awarded Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), the only accredited trainer of Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand,” Dr Somia said.


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