Celebrating a Decade of the Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course

Posted on Monday, 19 August 2019

It’s not often in life you come across someone who, that even if your interaction was fleeting, their impact lasts a lifetime.  So was the friendship between the late Dr Simon Bernard (1967-2011) and Dr Bryan Mendelson and creation of the Melbourne Advanced Facial Anatomy Course (MAFAC) is the legacy.

Dr Mendelson said over the years since MAFAC has developed in ways that could not have been foreseen.

“There has been a constant process of improvement regarding methodology, the ratios of participants to cadaver heads and demonstrators, and the quality of equipment and more recently the high resolution magnified imaging of dissection demonstration setup.  MAFAC has also set new standards in its care of participants.  The faculty recognised some time ago the importance of quality food and coffee in allowing attendees, many of whom have flown across the world, to maintain their energy and enthusiasm during the two days of intense work.

“I’m proud of the reputation it has grown internationally.  Since its inception, 400 surgeons from 36 countries have attended MAFAC.  In 2014, we were also fortunate to export the course to the United States.  It’s now a regular teaching course of the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,” Dr Mendelson.

The Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) President, Dr Naveen Somia congratulated Dr Mendelson for his commitment to aesthetic education through his ongoing stewardship of the MAFAC.

“This year marks ten years of MAFAC, a genuinely exciting milestone that has been reached through a lot of hard work and perseverance by Dr Mendelson and his team.

“As the founding supporter of the educational event, ASAPS believes wholly in what MAFAC sets out to achieve. That is creating a learning environment for Specialist Plastic Surgeons so detailed that delegates now line-up from across the globe to attend.

“ASAPS is honoured to be involved with the MAFAC, and we look forward to the exciting years ahead,” Dr Somia said.

Dr Mendelson explained from the outset, MAFAC was designed to be an immersion in facial anatomy.

“The MAFAC was designed to bring all the anatomy of the face together to provide practical, advanced knowledge and understanding for surgeons who wanted to perform better facial surgery. This provision of advanced anatomy with a safe and practical application has become one of MAFAC‘s most appreciated attributes,” Dr Mendelson said.

MAFAC was instigated by the late Dr Simon Bernard (MD, FRACS) while completing a Fellowship with Dr Mendelson.  Dr Bernard was so impressed by the advanced anatomical research and surgical techniques he observed; he suggested that he and Dr Mendelson work together to create a teaching course.

“I believe MAFAC‘s success is because we do things differently.  We have a unique approach that ensures attendee excitement, while also showcasing the talent and enthusiasm of the surgeons who give their time so generously to educating other surgeons,” Dr Mendelson said.

Dr Somia said ASAPS is very proud of its members who have volunteered as MAFAC faculty and travel to the United States to teach.

“Australian Plastic Surgery cannot ask for better ambassadors who uphold the highest standards in aesthetic facial surgery.

“It is fitting that on its tenth-anniversary MAFAC is bringing out two renowned Facelift Surgeons to demonstrate their techniques, Dr Sam Hamra from Texas and Dr Andrew Jacono from New York,” Dr Somia said.

In 2019, the MAFAC will run on the two days preceding the ASAPS Annual Conference from 2-3 October.

Dr Mendelson said, for the second time only, MAFAC will be held as a Post-Graduate Course, open only to those who have attended previously.

“This way we can take a deep dive into the area of facial aesthetics and come up with an even greater appreciation and understanding for the intricacies of facial surgery,” Dr Mendelson said.

To register, visit www.mafac.com.au.


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