2019 ISAPS Conference

Dear Colleagues,

Following the success of last year’s ISAPS Symposium, ASAPS has once again partnered with ISAPS to convene the fifth ISAPS Symposium on October 3rd 2019, the day prior to the ASAPS Annual Conference.


Brisbane will provide an exciting backdrop for our 2019 Symposium. 

The Focus

This year the ISAPS Symposium for 2019 will feature rejuvenation surgery of male and female genitalia. We have called this intimate surgery. We have world leaders to talk about innovations in genital rejuvenation. 

These are areas that are often discussed but not dealt with in detail and are becoming quite topical today. With the innovation of lasers and fat grafting and surgery, it is time to consolidate these treatments. 

We will also feature correction of the lower abdomen, the mons and pubic area as well as the nipple areolar complex. Please join us for an exciting one day symposium featuring some ISAPS world renowned speakers on the topic of intimate  surgery.



Morris Ritz

Australian ISAPS National Secretary

The ISAPS Symposium sold out last year - so register today to avoid missing out!