2018 ISAPS Symposium


Following the success of last year’s ISAPS Symposium, ASAPS has once again partnered with ISAPS to convene the fourth ISAPS Symposium, 2 August 2018, the day prior to the ASAPS & NZAPS Combined Conference, held at The Cordis, Auckland.

Dear Colleagues,

This year the ISAPS Symposium, which is a 1-day event preceding the ASAPS & NZAPS Combined Conference, will feature liposuction and the auxiliary procedures associated with this, as well as fat grafting of the buttocks and the breasts. The Keynote Speakers joining us are Professor Kotaro Yoshimura from Japan and Dr. Wing-yung Cheung from Hong Kong.

We are delighted to have an interesting panel of speakers both local and international talent as well as the ability to demonstrate new technologies.

We would love you to spend the day with us and enhance your knowledge.


The Focus

Liposuction has revolutionised some procedures in plastic surgery. The ability to remove fat and shape and contour the body has changed and added to many of our procedures.

Liposuction has many different names such as liposculpture or lipoplasty, but it has still remained the same for many decades. Recently new technologies have been added to this technique such as the power assisted, water assisted, and ultrasound assisted liposuction. We aim to showcase and understand liposuction, the new technologies and where and how it can be used. It has opened up a whole new era of fat grafting and fat injections which will be included in the program. We welcome you to attend this day of liposuction where we will learn more about the use, different techniques and new technologies.



Morris Ritz

Tim Papadopoulos

Murray Beagley

Richard Hamilton

Australian ISAPS National Secretary
Co-Regional Chair Australia & Pacific
New Zealand ISAPS Secretary
Australian Assistant ISAPS National Secretary


The ISAPS Symposium sold out last year - so register today to avoid missing out!