2014 37th Annual ASAPS Conference

The 37th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery will be in Hobart this year at the Grand Chancellor Hotel July 29 – August 2

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Hobart is a city of beautiful architecture with a long history initially as a British Penal Colony and early colonial outpost. Contemporary Hobart is known for its wineries, local produce and food, MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art), bushwalking, and is the Australian base of our Antarctic Fleet. Tasmania is also a mecca for fishing.

The focus

This meeting will be different from Port Douglas in 2013. Last year was focused on the face and genitourinary plastic surgery, this year we will focus on the breast, general aesthetics and also the business of plastic surgery.

The feel

Instead of the family focus last year, we will have a more adult and business feel. As such the meeting is out of school holidays and the social events are age appropriate. The Production House Events will again coordinate the meeting with Suzane Ali and we have all come to expect outstanding social events and seemless organisation associated with this combination.

The plenaries

The clinical sessions will include a return to increased local content and a greatly expanded practice management element, in keeping with a business focus both as separate interactive sessions and combined with the plenaries.

We have 4 international speakers, two of which will present online.

  • Michael Scheflan from Israel will talk on the composite breast and complex breast surgery.
  • Grant Stevens from the US will visit again. On this occasion Grant will talk in the plenaries with new topics on both clinical and business matters that weren’t discussed in Darwin. Grant will also deliver a practice masterclass specifically for attending practice staff.
  • Patrick Mallucci from the UK will talk on the breast
  • Jeroen Stevens from the Netherlands will talk on multimodality facial rejuvenation and advances and technical tips on lipofilling of the breast and body.

Local contributions

There is a vast amount of experience and knowledge hidden within our practices. I will be reaching out to encourage everyone to consider submitting a paper and presenting at the meeting. After an entertaining and dynamic introduction in Port Douglas, I will include the Petcha Kutcha format again in our Short Talks on Cosmetic Surgery (SToCS) session. 20 slides in 20 second autoforward (6 mins 40 second duration).

There are 2 straightforward formats that can be utilised for those uncertain how to start presenting:

  1. 5 or 10 in a row (10 mins)
  2. Petcha Kutcha

The extensive practice management sessions will cover two session in the plenaries

  1. Adding a non-surgical arm to your practice,
  2. Utilising social media, the internet and websites including the creation of videos for education and promotion

Independent interactive sessions for practice staff:
A business masterclass for practice staff with Grant Stevens on internet marketing, patients for life and reputation management

  1. What sets your practice apart?
  2. The peculiarities of plastic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation practices
  3. Analyse the patient journey
  4. Creating a patient centric practice

One day prior to the Conference, there will be a half day Clinical Photography Masterclass which will cover the techniques, technology and procedures of effective practice photography. Followed by a recreational workshop in Hobart with the latest Nikon cameras and lenses hosted by Nikon Australia lecturer Woodrow Wilson.

I hope you all take advantage of the strong practice management program and bring your staff.

I look forward to welcoming you to Hobart in July.

Dr Mark Magnusson

ASAPS Chairman of Education


  • 37th Annual ASAPS Conference Hobart 2014 | Closing Video