ABC’s The Drum on Cosmetic Surgery Titling

By Dr Naveen Somia

Surgeon title transparency is the key to patient safety, The title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is not an AHPRA approved title for a Registered Surgeon in Australia. While Registered Specialist surgeons use their officially allocated surgical title that is an accurate reflection of their registration and specialisation, the use of the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is a free for all. 

The title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ is usually used by a doctor who has no more than a basic medical degree with no AMC accredited surgical training nor specialist registration. 

Consumers who see the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ are confused and often assume the doctor is a registered specialist surgeon on par with the other registered specialist surgeons. 

It’s time to end the consumer confusion and improve patient safety.” 

View the segment on ABC’s The Drum 26/10/2021 episode from 16:09 to 20:19 here.


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