Do I need implants alone or a breast lift with implants to fix my drooping breasts?

Breast lift or Breast Augmentation

Drooping breasts can be a significant problem for women as they age or following the completion of breastfeeding.  One of the most typical questions plastic surgeons get asked by our female patients is whether they require breast implants alone or breast implants and a breast lift to improve their breast droop.

The answer is not always straightforward and may depend on the degree of breast droop, the shape and position of the breast relative to the torso and the size of the implant, which a patient would like to use.  It is usually not wise for a surgeon to try to answer this question from photographs of your torso alone as they will need to take accurate breast measurements and get a feel for the look you are searching for before making their recommendation.  In general though, if your nipples are still located at the level of your inframammary fold and you are happy to increase your bra cup by one to two sizes, then you will likely only require breast implants to achieve your lift.

The lift you get is an optical illusion.  Breast implants expand loose breast skin, but they often lower the fold at which the breast meets the chest (inframammary fold).  If the overall breast footprint is lowered, but the nipple level stays the same, then your breasts will appear to have been lifted.  Dropping the inframammary fold can be a good thing in women with long, skinny torsos as their lowered breast footprint brings balance to their body.  The larger the implant, the more apparent lift a patient will receive.

When consulting your plastic surgeon, it is important to ask what size implant will be required to achieve a lift and whether there is any chance you will require a lift as a secondary procedure.

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