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How much does a body 360 lift cost I smell under my belly And get sores need something done now My doctor has said unless I get it removed it's not going to go away now Is there any surgons that would do it cheap or though medicare As its been years and I've never been able to affored it Can anyone help

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The cost of any procedure boils down to 3 elements - hospital costs (theatre time and specific equipment, and in-patient costs), surgeon fees and anaesthetic fees. The first and most important thing to establish is whether you qualify for the medical item number - 30179. There needs to have been massive weight loss and the resultant skin excess leads to compromise in your overall health and ability to perform certain things. If you qualify then you would need a valid GP referral and a level of private cover that includes that item number. If that is the case then the hospital bill would be nearly entirely funded by your health insurance. It would also contribute a small amount to the surgical and anaesthetic costs. There is a wide variation in fees charged as there is a wide variation in body lift procedures. The surgical fee would range form around $10k up to, and as high as $25k dependant upon exactly how much surgery is being performed and the experience of the surgeon. The anaesthetic fee is either calculated as a proportion of the surgical fee (usually around 1/3) or an hourly rate ($750-1000/hr). If you're in a situation where you can't afford these sort of figures then there is the option to pay for it using Superannuation, however, there are the drawbacks of being taxed on the monies that are withdrawn, and obviously affecting your final nest egg. The only alternative in the public sector would be to have an 'apronectomy', which would remove only the skin flap at the front lower part of your abdomen, usually produce quite prominent dog-ears, leave your belly button where it is and wouldn't include any liposuction.