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Hi, Just wondering if someone can help me, I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago and have some excess skin, my doctor told me that Medicare can cover it and I might qualify for the Medicare cover ,just trying to find out what is covered , who does it or if I can go and see someone

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Marc Seifman


Marc Seifman

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Hi Stacey, There are certain instances in which removal of excess skin following significant weight loss is covered by Medicare or health insurance. Many of us do perform this surgery. To see if you are eligible, it is best to book in a consultation with a plastic surgeon, to discuss your individual situation. Regards, Marc Seifman
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Adrian Brooks

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Hi Stacey, That is half correct! As a weight loss patient, you qualify for a Medicare item number if you have issues with the excess skin. However, these operations are ‘excluded procedures’ in the public hospital setting. They are only performed in private hospitals. You would need to check that your level of Private health Insurance, covers the item number for whatever operation you were looking at having. If it does, then the hospital fee for your surgery and recovery are taken care of, except for whatever gap arrangement you agreed to when you took out your policy. (The hospital bill is the largest of the expenses.) It also contributes a little towards the surgical and anaesthetic fee, but there is still a considerable gap fee to both for these operations. The fee varies according to the surgeon and the procedure. It’s advisable to obtain more than one opinion and always choose an ASAPS accredited surgeon. Adrian Brooks.