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I am considering upper and lower eyelid surgery I have had a consultation with Dr Daniel Lanzer in Malvern Vic but he is a Cosmetic Surgeon I have contacted the rooms of Jeremy Wilson Mornington Vic who is a Plastic Surgeon should this surgery been done by a Cosmetic Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon I am confused and don't want to make the wrong choice (process are about the same accept Cosmetic Surgery is day and done in the rooms, Cosmetic Surgeon operates in Bays Hospital Mornington and is an overnight stay?

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Thank you for your question. Patients make their choices based on several factors, including the information about the procedure, research about the medical practitioner and their interaction with the medication practitioner. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, which is Australia’s only medical regulatory authority has the most accurate and up to date information about a medical practitioner's qualifications, registration and titling. I hope this information will assist you with your decision.