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Can you advise is Medicare covers surgery for removal of ruotured breast implant

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Hi Jacky, Thanks for reaching out to us here at Ask ASAPS. My name is Dr Gary Avery and I am a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. The removal of a ruptured breast implant is certainly a procedure that Medicare recognises. The Medicare item numbers are either 45548 or 45551, that apply to the removal of a breast implant. Does Medicare cover this in full? No. There are fees that apply for the removal of the breast implant – including the surgeon fee, anaesthetist fee and the hospital fees. If you have private health insurance, some of these fees may be reduced by a rebate from both Medicare and your health fund. Most breast implant removal is performed in a private hospital and can be either a day stay or as an inpatient service. I hope this has helped with your research into surgery. Warm regards Dr Gary Avery