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I’m a male and 55 years young. I’m in a sales job where I am competing with much younger colleagues. I’m interested in some non-surgical work on my face to help me stay in the game longer. What options are available to me?

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Hi Fred Your question is a very open one. There are many options available in the non-surgical arena to help rejuvenate and maintain your facial appearance. Start with taking care of yourself. Don't smoke and use sunscreen. There are several high quality skin care products to optimise your skin condition. Medically there are a lot of treatments which may suit your individual needs. Botulinum toxin will reduce lines. Fillers will reduce wrinkles and fill out hollows and may provide some lifting. Platelet rich plasma will enhance your complexion and may I,prove hair growth. Lasering will also improve your complexion and can be used with Platelet rich plasma. There is also an injectable which will dissolve fat. Beyond this and very much depending on your individual needs, surgery may be helpful. So the key for you is to make an appointment to discuss your situation with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who can help determine the treatments that suit you provide the spectrum of treatments available. Best wishes, John