Register of Cosmetic Surgery Practitioners

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) assesses and accredits all specialist training colleges. It sets the standard that underpins trust in the healthcare system.

Specialist surgical registration is available to practitioners who have successfully completed an AMC accredited surgical specialist training program and who continue to comply with ongoing specialist college and Medical Board of Australia CPD and other requirements. Specialist surgical registration is administered and enforced by AHPRA as part of its obligation to protect patients.

When a practitioner is registered as a surgical specialist, the public overwhelmingly understands and expects that they have undergone transparent, accountable specialist training and that they participate in ongoing compliance.

This provides clarity and transparency to patients.

There is a register of specialist surgeons that is maintained by AHPRA currently. To be on this specialist register, the surgeon has to complete AMC accredited specialist surgical training. The problem is not the lack of a national register of specialist surgeons because it already exists.

If a separate register of cosmetic practitioners was established, and if it included practitioners with and without AMC-accredited specialist surgical training, the register itself would add a significant additional layer of confusion as patients would not necessarily be able to distinguish the specialists from the non-specialists.

It would end up being a device for non-specialists to claim de facto specialist status without having to fulfil the stringent conditions required of specialists.

The community would be deceived by this.